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Our Ar-Mati rice, Cache River Rice, has been grown and continuously developed since 1985. It was originally owned by the McKnight Milling Company, headed by Mr. DeLoss McKnight and family, and farmed on the McKnight family farm. Many years later, in 2007, the Hess family, with four generations of rice farming, bought the company.

Then in 2020, the company was acquired by Jayme Cartillar from Wynne, Arkansas. Jayme, a farmer and entrepreneur in the region, owns and operates the company and his dad, Rusty Cartillar, an agricultural pilot for many years, also assists with operations.

Jayme’s vision for this company developed well before acquisition. He knew there was a superior product, both in taste and health benefits, and more people needed to know about it. Our popcorn rice is unlike any other with its savory scent of hot buttered popcorn. And its slow-release carbs provide a sustained release of energy, maintaining blood sugar levels, avoiding any crash and making it diabetic friendly.

Under Jayme’s leadership, the company has overhauled its facilities, ramped up production and developed a logistical infrastructure, allowing us to best provide to our customers and reach new markets.

Our gourmet, popcorn rice was developed by rice breeders at Louisiana State University Rice Experiment Station in Crawley, Louisiana. It was developed from a type of Basmati rice that can be found in the Punjab province of India.

The Basmati was crossed with local rice and developed over time. Della is an aromatic rice and when cooked produces the aroma of popcorn popping. It has the taste and flavor of butter and brings a unique flavor like no other type of rice.

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